Roundup of Gartner and Forrester Insights on B2B Social Media

14 Dec

Last week Forrester’s Zachary Reiss-Davis and Gartner’s Jenny Sussin blogged noteworthy social media frameworks for IT Infrastructure CIOs, CEO’s, and Decision-Making VPs to consider.

Both agree that we all have unique, organic experiences of social media—personally and professionally.

We don’t want to over indulge though, or do we?

Social Media

Zack’s find . . . “Don’t let yourself be deceived; your key influencers are already having conversations, whether or not you’ve begun a marketing initiative to interact with them.  However, engagement will fuel the fire behind their conversations, and allow you to generate more positive content about your products and your company . . .
Listen To Customers, Engage With Influencers

For B2B Social Media, we want to know when to engage and how—we desire to tag the emerging “beat” or sustainable cusp of importancethis grabs our attention.

Now Jenny’s . . . “Strike a balance and recognize that just because someone doesn’t use a social network specifically for what you’re using it for doesn’t make them wrong, or stupid, or frivolous” . . . “Trying to please your execs and your social constituents is an almost winless game,”  . . . pa-dump roll please . . . “consider checking out some other sources before defining your social media reality . . . The Social Media “Bro” Fest

We’re here precisely for that!  Strike a balance but do indulge by following Vendors, Solutions, and Products @ IT Central Station.

Follow Products IT Central Station

You can follow products, write reviews, and analyze what others in IT Infrastructure planning have done to make great decisions—what will you do next to add value to your IT Enterprise or your organization’s Strategic Plan?


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